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        PV Changes the World
        Now the cell capacity of Tongwei solar(Hefei)and Tongwei Solar(Chengdu)reaches more than 12GW,and the module capacity comes to 350MW. In 3-5years,Tongwei Solar's capacity of high-effective crystalline silicon cells will reach 30GW,Sales revenue amounted to 30-50 billion yuan, become the world's largest and most competitive silicon cells manufacturer and one of the largest PV enterprise, global market share will exceed 10%.Tongwei solar is forging ahead to world-class PV manufacturer and clean energy enterprise.

        The Green Expo

        Sept.4 th -6th
        Mexico world trade fair center 1505

        Renewable Energy India Expo

        Sept.18 th -20th
        India Expo Center, Greater Noida 9.121

        PV Taiwan

        Sept.19 th -21th
        Taipei Nangang Exhibition ce K0302

        All-Energy Australia

        Oct.02 th -04th
        Melbourne Exhibition & Conventi 3934&3928